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Focal Area of Research - Evidence-Based Governance in the German Educational System

Transfer Congress "Use and Usability of Evidence for School- and Teaching Development" in Mainz

Keynote by Prof. Dr. Pant

Keynote by Prof. Dr. Pant

SteBis says thank you for an inspiring event

News from Jul 20, 2016

On July 20th 2016, the Transfer Congress with the topic Use and Usability of Evidence for School- and Teaching Development took place at the University of Maine. The event was jointly organized by the project “Evidence- based Acting in the educational multilevel system” (EviS) and the coordination unit for the education research association “Governance in the German Educational System” (SteBis), and was sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Its aim was to discuss the sustainable transfer of scientific evidence of education research as well as results of central comparison tests into school praxis. The involved dialogue partners were representatives of education research, education praxis, education politics and education administration.

The event organizers, Prof. Dr. Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia (project leadership EviS/University Mainz) and Prof. Dr. Felicitas Thiel ( project leadership coordination unit SteBis/FU Berlin) moderated the congress. You find detailed information regarding the lectures´ contents and the poster contributions introducing current research projects on our German website.

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