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Focal Area of Research - Evidence-Based Governance in the German Educational System

Research Projects


School inspection: Its role as a mechanism for stimulating school development, and the conditions for its implementation at individual school level

Prof. Dr. Thomas Brüsemeister, Prof. Dr. Jochen Wissinger, Prof. Dr. Oliver Böhm-Kasper, Prof. Dr. Martin Heinrich, Dr. Matthias Rürup

Central Exit Exams as a Governance Instrument in the School System: Labor Market Effects, Transmission Channels and Effect Heterogeneity

Prof. Dr. Ludger Wößmann

Implementing test-based school reforms within the multilevel structure of the school system

Prof. Dr. Harm Kuper, Prof. Dr. Uwe Maier

External evaluation/school inspection and quality assurance in schools

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Dedering

Evidence-based actions within the multilevel system of schools – requirements, processes, and effects

Prof. Dr. Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, Prof. Dr. Isabell van Ackeren

School leaders’ activities between more responsibility and more power (SHaRP)

Dr. Stefan Brauckmann

Evaluation policies and practices in schools - organisational preconditions for developing evaluative potential (StABil)

Prof. Dr. Felicitas Thiel, Prof. Dr. Hans Anand Pant

Non-intended effects of the new governance in the school system – theoretical conceptualization and instrument development for empirical assessment

Prof. Dr. Johannes Bellmann


Strategies of quality assurance for schools in adverse conditions

Prof. Dr. Isabell van Ackeren





School improvement under conditions of multiple risks to education – case studies of two successful schools with culturally diverse students in deprived communities

Prof. Dr. Nicolle Pfaff